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Vacation on a tight budget

It’s a fact that going on vacation can be an expensive affair. So how do you go about having a nice vacation and still may be able keep those expenses under control.  

If you are sick of having your credit cards max out when you come home from vacation, Save Money Hound has great advice on saving money by having a budget vacation.

Here are some top tips from the Save Money Hound on how to have a budget vacation.



Find some wheels for your next holiday

When you are on holiday, it is a nice feeling to have wheels to be able to drive around and to discover the allure of a new place.  Unfortunately, car hire doesn’t always come cheap.

Save Money Hound provides some handy tips on how to find the cheapest car hire deals and how to save money when it comes to holiday car hire.

All inclusive rate
You often seen cheap daily rates being advertised.  Clarify what is included in these daily car hire rates.  Make sure that you factor into your costs any extras your require on top of the quoted daily car hire rate.


Tips on saving money when sightseeing

As the saying goes “so little time, so much to do” certainly applies when you are sightseeing as a traveller. As an independent traveller, you want to make the best use of your time and get the right mix of socialising, sightseeing, and some rest in between all that activity.

Sightseeing doesn’t have to be a costly exercise. In fact, you can do a lot of sightseeing and save a lot of money whilst you are at it.  Save Money Hound has come up with some tips on saving money when sightseeing.


Got the expensive travel bug?

Holidays can be expensive affairs but they needn’t be if you know how to save money when planning your holiday.

Save Money Hound has some great tips on how to save money when planning your well deserved holiday.

Save money by planning ahead
There are some hot deals on the internet for travel packages, flight and accommodation deals.

Firstly work out exactly what kind of holiday you are after.

Then decide on the components of your holiday. Ask yourself what kind of accommodation are you after, do you need to hire a car or catch a flight, are you going on a tour or travelling independently?


How to save money on backpacking meals

Whilst backpacking on the road for several months or more, the cost of meals can certainly add up. It is nice to get a good mix between getting together your own meals whilst backpacking and eating out to try the local cuisine.

Here are some handy tips from Save Money Hound to stretch their budget further to feed yourself whilst on the road.

The call of free brekkie at youth hostels
Look to stay at youth hostels which have a free breakfast included. As long as you are paying a reasonable accommodation rate, youth hostels are pretty competitive when providing the extra perks which may just swing business their way when you are deciding between staying at one youth hostel over another.


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